In the modern world, 100% vegan cosmetics are becoming more and more popular and are entering the diversity of the beauty market. Veganism is a way of life in which people who promote it refuse animal products or try to minimise their consumption as much as possible.

As more and more people try to integrate veganism into their daily lives, they become more conscious when choosing food, clothes, cosmetics, hygiene products and other products that affect their body. They show interest and carefully research the ingredients, preferring 100% plant-based or vegan products.

Considering the ever-increasing demand of consumers who care about the welfare of animals, 'Vilana Natural Beauty' beauty industry is also dominated by vegan cosmetics that are always made in harmony with nature. The vast majority of products contain no or traces of animal-derived substances, only plant-based (fruit, flower, seed) and/or mineral ingredients and, without a doubt, with no tolerance for cruelty, absolutely none of our products are tried or tested with animals.

Another benefit of vegan beauty products is that they are also considered more sustainable because they only use plant-based alternatives, which are believed to be naturally less likely to irritate the skin or cause allergic symptoms.

Today, the choice of vegan beauty is no longer just a matter of ethics, it is a habit and a way of life.

So if you're thinking about your beauty values that are animal friendly, you're on the right track when choosing our natural cosmetics!

How do you know which Vilana Natural Beauty product is vegan? Before purchasing, you have free access to the ingredient list of each product you are interested in on our website, or the easiest way is to pay attention to the main photo of the product, on which you can see the green "Vegan Friendly" logo.

Products containing ingredients such as honey, beeswax, silk extract or marine collagen do not have the "Vegan friendly" label.

There's no denying that animal-based beauty products aren't essential to looking and feeling great.

In many cases, cosmetics that are friendly to animals are even friendlier to ourselves and the environment around us, therefore, we are happy to invite you to walk with us on the path of this direction and thus contribute to ensuring a better tomorrow.

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